Nano Core

  • Nano Current Transformer Core
  • Nano Current Transformer Core
Nano Current Transformer CoreNano Current Transformer Core

Nano Current Transformer Core

  • ID: 4-40mm
  • OD:5-56mm
  • Height: 3-25mm
  • Material: nano or amorphous strip
  • Product description: The current transformer cores appearance is available for plastic case & epoxy resin.
Introductions of nano core :
It is well know that the higher current transformer core permeability, the lower measurement error and higher measurement accuracy. The silicon material current transformer core can’t meet the measure accuracy under lower ampere-turns and small ratios. Besides, the Fe-Ni permalloy materials is limited to use because of the low saturation induction and high cost. Nano-crystalline material core own its high permeability, high saturation inductions and lower cost in the application field of precision current transformer, zero sequence current transformer, PFC, medium and high frequency transformer, etc.
Characteristic of current transformer cores:
High permeability and high saturation induction
High accuracy and small volume
Excellent temperature stability, keep from -55C to120C for long time.

Specifications of nano current transformer core:

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