Nano Ribbon

  • Nanocrystalline Ribbon
  • Nanocrystalline Ribbon
Nanocrystalline RibbonNanocrystalline Ribbon

Nanocrystalline Ribbon

  • Thickness: 0.02〜0.04mm
  • Density: 7.2 g/cm3
  • Working temperature: -50 ~ +130
  • Core loss: <150
  • Product description: Nano crystalline ribbon is used to coil toroidal cores, and is available for various thickness and width. Free sample is accepted.
Main ingredients:Fe, Si, Nb, B, Cu
Fe-based Nano-crystalline alloy strip has high saturation induction density, high permeability, low coercivity, low loss and good stability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and it also has a lower price,excellent abilities of anti-wearing and anti-rusty, and it shows the best property-value ratio among of all the soft magnetic materials

Technical parameter of nano ribbon:

Saturate induction  Bs(T) 1.25 Hardness  Hv (kg/mm2) 880
Curie Temperature  Tx () 560 Density  (g/cm3) 7.2
Crystallization Temperature Tx(℃) 510 Resistivity  ρ(uΩ·cm) 130
Saturate magnetostriction  λs 2×10-6 Strip Thickness  (mm) 0.022-0.025
Initial magnetic permeability  ui(Gs/Oe) >8×104 Working temperature  (℃) -50-130
Max. permeability  um(Gs/Oe) >20×104
Remanence  Br(T) 0.6-0.7
Coercivity  Hc(A/M) <0.8
Core loss(20kHz, 0.5T) <25
Core loss(100kHz, 0.3T) <150
Loss variation(-55- +125℃) <15%

Application of nano ribbon:

1.EMC common mode choke cores

2.Transformer cores and switch power supply cores

3.Different accuracy current transformer

4.Spike blocker cores

5. Magnetic amplifier cores

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