Current Transformer

  • High Frequency Transformer
  • High Frequency Transformer
High Frequency TransformerHigh Frequency Transformer

High Frequency Transformer

  • Turns ratio: 1:5000
  • DC resistance: 2250hm~6500hm
  • Inductance: 400H~1200H
  • Measurement error: 0.02%
  • Product description: The cores of current transformer is available for amorphous strip and nano ribbon.
Current transformer application:
1. Alternating current measurement.
2. Alternating electrical degree measurement.
3. Current line protection.

Technical Parameter:
installation method: PCB
Core material: amorphous or nano crystalline strip
Working temperature: -35℃ ~ +85℃
Storage temperature: -45℃ ~ +95℃
Frequency scope: 20Hz ~ 20KHz
Electrical resistance: ≥3.5KV  50Hz 1m:r

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