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How to Protect Us With Voltage Transformer Together

In our sense, all the electric equipment is dangerous, so how to keep us safe in daily life with voltage transformer? Let us have a look at common default of the voltage transformer:

1.Three phase voltage indicator is unbalanced: one phase reduced and the other is normal, and the voltage wire is abnormal or together with the voice or light signal, which condition may caused by high voltage of transformer or low voltage fuse default.

2.Neutral point of voltage transformer not connect ground effectively

3.High voltage fuse appears several default, and the possible reasons are Internal insulation seriously damaged, such as winding layer or interturn short circuit fault.

4.Neutral point of voltage transformer connect ground effectively: Bus brake operation, a phase voltage increases and the low frequency oscillation, generally it is series resonance phenomenon; if no any operation, the phase voltage appears abnormal rise or drop, it may due to transformer Internal insulation damage, such as insulation bracket circle, winding layer or interturn short circuit fault;

5.Neutral point of voltage transformer connect ground effectively: when voltage transformer work with the voltmeter indicating not stable, the reason maybe poor contact between the high voltage winding end and ground.

After know the above dangerous tips of the high voltage transformer, we shall pay more attention on our life and keep ourselves from danger.


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