About us

Beijing Bidragon Machinary CO.,LTD is a leading manufacture and supplier of amorphous&nano strips, toroidal amorphous &nano cores and automatic amorphous & nano equipment.

As a group company founded in 2000, BIDRAGON has its own design research and development department, product department and sales department. 5 engineers, 15 technicians, more than 100 workers,30 international sales.

Our main products:
Ribbon: amorphous slitted ribbon, amorphous casted ribbon, nano slitted ribbon, nano casted ribbon
Cores: Precision Current Transformer Cores, Instrument Transformer Cores, Toroidal Core for Switched Mode Power Supply, PFC Choke Cores, Cores for Electro-Magnetic Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers, Power Transformer Cores, Rectangular Cut Cores, Medium Frequency Power Transformer cores and other cores.

Machine: ribbon making machine, slitting machine, core winding machine, automatic core testing machine, welder machine, vacuum annealing furnace.
Company culture:
Honest, Responsibility, Innovation, Development.

We welcome any inquiry for ribbons, cores and machine, large or small quantities whatever your requirements.


Contact Us

Contact: Macros Zhang

Phone: +86-13213263322

Tel: +86-0372-2190222

Company: Beijing Bidragon Machinery Co.,Ltd

Add: No.2-1803 Soubao Business Center, No.16 South-West Third Ring Road, Beijing, China.

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